Ordering Is Easy

#1 - Register / Login

Please click on Register or Login into this site. Or you also can make order as a Guest.

#2 - Choose the menus

Click on the menus tab either in “À LA CARTE MENU“, “Set Menu” or “Catering Menu” on the top bar.

You also can choose the menus from “Promotion” tab if the promotion is available.

Example: À La Carte Menu

#3 - Make Order

 Select which category in À La Carte Menu you wish to order. Then, click the “Order” button.

 Once you click the button, page below will pop up.

#1 Click Order

1. Click on “Order Now” button.

#2 Choose an Option.

2. Choose an option. You also can add some text on “Remark” options such as More Spicy, etc.

#3 Increase or Decrease quantities

3. Increase or decrease the quantities of food and click “Add To Cart“.

#4 - View Cart

 Click on “View Cart” button to view your cart. Or click on “Checkout” button to place order. Or click on the background to continue ordering the other foods.

#5 - Update Cart

 In your cart, you can add or subtract your quantities of food if you wish to do so. Then, please click on “Update Cart” button.

#6 - Checkout

 Fill up the form before you place your order. Then, please click the “Place Order” button at the bottom of this page.

# Place Order

We will update your order status with the receipt via Email.

Thanks and Lets Make Order!